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SEIC Energy Review and Tariff Selection

With energy prices on the rise it is crucial that businesses are effectively managing their consumption and ensuring they are on the most appropriate energy tariff.  The choice of tariff will depend on the businesses size, consumption patterns, industry and even your location. 

We offer a Free of Charge review, examining your consumption and billing which will result in a series of recommendations and importantly, the level of potential savings from switching to the most appropriate tariff.  Our relationships with the major suppliers mean tariffs can usually be negotiated and swapped even mid contact, all of which can be undertaken by our team, leaving you to get on with the business of running your company.

 The areas of work we cover include:


•             New and existing half hourly meters

•             Meter Operator Agreements (MOPs)

•             Tendering processes

•             Supplier management

•             Contract negotiation

•             New contract set-up

•             Management of multi-site contracts

•             Contract renewals

•             Green electricity


•             New and existing meters

•             Fixed price contracts

•             “Take-or-pay” clauses

•             Auctions for interruptible supply status

•             Blend and extend negotiations

•             New contract set-ups

•             Tendering processes

•             Contract negotiations

•             Termination traps

•             Contract renewals

•             LPG procurement

If you would like a free energy review and support to switch to the best available tariff, please get in touch:

Call: 01278 767000

Email: info@seicentre.co.uk

 Please note, our Energy Review service is provided by our partners, BCR Associates Ltd.