Business Support from the Somerset Energy Innovation Centre

PV3 Technologies develop and manufacture electrochemical materials for a variety of battery technologies across the low carbon energy sector.

They recently requested support to help them meet current demands after their order volumes increased.

SWMAS has a long-standing relationship with this Cornwall-based company and was delighted to be able to help them again through the Somerset Energy Innovation Centre (SEIC) ERDF funded Support Programme.

A recent growth in orders called for this business to strengthen its operations to increase production and meet demand. Dr. David Hodgson, CEO, was keen to address efficiency and productivity, and explore internal Leadership Development training, to see how this could help achieve the business improvements needed.

Through this funded support, SWMAS arranged an initial Leadership Styles Assessment for a recently promoted member of the team. After analysing the results, a bespoke training package was designed. This consisted of a series of one to one coaching sessions, combined with specific, targeted activities, to help the individual develop their leadership and operational skills within the business. The training programme was based on an internal business improvement project, to ensure that the learning was relevant to the company’s needs and would achieve the required results. This approach allowed the individual to practice new skills as their training progressed. 

Since this training, the individual feels more confident and capable in his new management role. The improvement project has instigated a shift in focus and encouraged a more resourceful and sustainable approach for the business. Training existing staff for new leadership responsibilities has helped PV3 Technologies improve their operations. This has enabled them to achieve the necessary increase in productivity to better meet customer needs. As a result, they are also confident to respond to all future opportunities on the horizon.  

“We’re committed to the development of our people, and the coaching/mentoring provided by SWMAS has hugely benefited both the individual in question and the company as a whole. As a result of this training, we’ve already launched two improvement projects that have been high impact and low cost, which is a combination I really like!” 

Dr. David Hodgson, CEO, PV3 Technologies


“It was great to work with this highly innovative company and help their newly promoted team member effectively cultivate his leadership skills. As they supply the ever-growing low carbon energy sector, and with the Government’s ‘Clean Growth Strategy’ aiming to significantly reduce UK carbon levels by 2050, demand for their products will only continue to increase over the coming years. We look forward to working with PV3 Technologies as they continue to grow and wish them every success for the future.”

Paul Gilbert, SWMAS Manufacturing Specialist

Your business could also benefit from fully-funded* support that is specific to your individual needs:

* Fully-funded for small and medium-sized (SME) businesses based in the South West of England, who are already in, or wish to enter, the low carbon energy sector.  This support is limited and offered on a first-come, first-served, basis.